Search Engine Marketing

Drive targeted traffic to your website with Search Engine Marketing.

search engine marketing targetThere are several keys to a successful Search Engine Marketing (paid search advertising) campaign:

  • Keyword Research
  • Engaging Ad Copy
  • Properly Targeted Ads
  • Well Designed Landing Page
  • Tracking Your ROI

Finding relevant keywords that you can bid on without blowing your budget takes quite a bit of research. Then you have to decide whether to use them as “broad match”, “phrase match”, or “exact match” keywords. The difference being maximum exposure vs irrelevant traffic that costs you money.

The second key to a successful Search Engine Marketing campaign is engaging ad copy. This includes both the title and the description listed in the ad. This helps you to achieve a high click through rate which will not only get you more traffic, but will also help your ad get placed higher and/or cost less.

Targeting ads can be done for both geographical area and time of day. By taking advantage of features in Pay Per Click accounts, that allow you to specify who sees the ad and when, you can increase both your click through and conversion rates.

Creating a well designed landing page for the ad to click through to is very important. Not only does it help to increase your conversion rate, it also helps to keep the ads quality score up. Getting a higher ad quality score will make the ad rank higher on the search page and cost you less per click.

Using Google Analytics to track your Search Engine Marketing campaigns is a must. In order to increase your ROI you need to be able to analyze all the data and make adjustments accordingly.

At Code Scribe we can create and manage Search Engine Marketing campaigns for your business, or we can act as a consultant and teach you to do it all in house. Contact us today to see how we can help you drive more targeted traffic to your website!