Content Marketing, Making it Shareable

content marketingNow that Google has changed the way the SEO game is played, content marketing has become much more important. Creating quality content that is shareable is now in the spotlight.

Content is “King” for a reason.

Google is rewarding websites that produce quality content because they know that is what people are searching for. Accurate search results are what Google’s customers come for, so it stands to reason that the better content those search results lead to, the happier their customers will be.

Social signals have become more important than links.

In the beginning Google primarily used the links pointing at a website to rank it’s importance by counting each one as a vote for the website. This was the cornerstone of their algorithm.

With social networking rising in popularity like it has, Google doesn’t need to just use links as a ranking factor anymore. Now they can use a person sharing your content as a vote for your website too. Links still count, but social signals are gaining more and more importance.

Add to this the fact that Google now has it’s own social network, and you can plainly see where this is all going. The more shareable your content is, the higher your website is going to get ranked in the SERPs.

So how do we improve our content marketing?

A good place to start is solving a problem. Create content that people can use to solve a problem and they will want to share it with others.

Tap into emotions. When a person has an emotional response to something, the first thing they want to do is share it with their friends.

Use entertaining pictures and videos to create shares. There is a reason why websites like Instagram and YouTube are so popular, people love to share pictures and videos.

Keep it simple. Content that is easy to read and gets to the point is more likely to be shared.

For more ideas, here is a link to a great article on content marketing for blogs.