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Beat Google's Penguin Update

Build Links with Quality Content

Since the Google Penguin update rolled out it has become much harder to build links to your website (aka backlinks). Their algorithm is based primarily on how many links a website has pointing at it, and how much authority the websites those links come from have. Basically Google is trying to …

link for seo

Link for SEO How to Guide

How to link for SEO and increase your websites organic traffic. How you link for SEO has become increasingly important to ranking on Google SERPs. Google has made many updates to their algorithm recently. They have also added some over-optimization filters. Use long tailed keywords for your back-links anchor text. Having to …

solve the social media marketing puzzle

Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media Marketing to drive traffic to your website. Creating content that is share-able can help you tap into one of the best traffic sources out there. A video, picture, or post that goes viral, can create millions of views for your website. This is the power of social networks today. …

blogging platforms

Building Quality Backlinks

Creating backlinks using free blogging platforms. Building backlinks can be a hard task to do. The hardest part is finding good websites that have similar content to yours and will let you post a link to your website. This is why comment spam on blogs is so common. The problem …